another idea of the cruise


Anniversaries & Birthdays

Party or traditional?
Celebrate in a unique setting with just your partner or the family! 

VIP receptions

Professionals can rely on us to organise a private reception for their best customers.


Do you have your own? 
We can fully liaise with your providers. 
Do you want us to take care of the organisation? 
We will offer the best value services for your budget. 
We can provide a themed or classic décor to suit the atmosphere you seek to create.. 

Champagnes and vines

Is there something special you would like? 
Tell us your preferences; we are in constant contact with the best Bordeaux estates. 
Old wines? Anniversary vintages? 
You will be astounded how we manage to find the rarest of things!

Restaurants & hide-away places

We will provide the menus and tell you the dishes you can enjoy during our stopovers.
Tell us what you like, so we can prepare your taste adventure!


Let us know what you want to make sure we get this right by discussing everything beforehand.