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Distant of 180 nautical miles from Tahiti it takes 25 hours of navigation carried out most often in conveyance in order to make it Generally our point of embarkation for cruise combined northern tuamotu and leeward islands
Recognized worldwide for its dive sites, in particular its passes where Manta ray sharks are present. It is so big that all of Tahiti would fit in it. 2 days are a minimum to appreciate it.

Liberty activities

Accompaniment Snorkeling, fishing
Pass fishing
Lunch on the beach
Reef island visit
Tiputa pass spot for Manta Ray dolphins

Possible complement

4X4 outing to visit the island
Bike rental
scuba diving
BBQ on the beach

Accommodation available

2 hotels and 2 pensions

Strong points : turquoise lagoon diving spot reef island

Weak points : accessibility by strong swell

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