Sacred island


Located about twenty miles from Huahine and bathing in the same lagoon as Tahaa, it is the administrative center of the Leeward Islands, benefiting from an airport, a Marina hospital and a Uturoa port. It is also known above all as the cradle of the Maohi gods and tradition. It is home to several Marae, including the largest and best preserved, the Taputapuatea marae. Emblematic place of the traditional flower of Tahiti the Tiare Apetahi

Liberty activities

Snorkeling accompaniment, motu spot
Visit Uturoa
Mangrove and Navigable River Kayak Tour

Possible complement

Tour of the island in 4x4 with visit of the Taputapuatea marae
Hikes including Mount Tapïoi

Accommodation available

No hotel but several family pensions

Strong points : marae navigable river uturoa marinas

Weak points : some snorkeling spots

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