Yellow lizard


Moorea the sister island of Tahiti Located about ten nautical miles also accessible by ferry is known for its lagoon and its lush vegetation a mixture of colors but also for its quality of life its diving spots and its beaches 16,000 double inhabitants or triple the weekend life spreads all along its ring road punctuated by many restaurants remains a source of inspiration for artists paintings sculptures many activities possible in addition to snorkeling

Liberty activities

Snorkeling spot accompaniment
Swimming with stingray and blacktip shark
Submerged tiki
Lunch on the belvedere hiking motu
Kayak and paddle

Possible complement

scuba diving
Tour of the island in 4x4
Jet ski
Scooter and bike rental
Swimming with Dolphins lagoonarium etc. Arts and crafts

Accommodation available

1 * to 4 * hotels with stilts
Boarding houses
Villa or apartment rental

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