The twins


From a difficult access with its only pass of Onoiau bordered by Big rocks according to the legend brother and sister twins (Maupiti means twins), an island surrounded by a magnificent lagoon You can indeed cross from the main beach of the island (Tereia) directly on the motu opposite (sandy island). On the program Hike to the top of Mount Teurafaatui (372 m) with a 360° view The unmissable sea palace and the beach snack bar

Liberty activities

Snorkeling accompaniment,
Coral garden a colorful underwater world
Visit motu Auria
Sea Palace Tour
Tereia Beach

Possible complement

scuba diving,
Bike and car rental

Accommodation available

several guesthouses

Strong points : magnificent lagoon end of the world picturesque sandbar sea snack

Weak points : not always accessible in the event of a swell

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