Tahiti, the authentic

5 days

This itinerary is a cruise idea.
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An “all inclusive and private” cruise.

The day of departure: Tahiti – Navigation

Embark aboard our Bahia 46, with your family or with your friends in the morning.
Our catamaran awaits you at Marina Taina.
A brief briefing with our crew before sailing on Mahina.

The first day: Mahina – Tiare

Enjoy browsing for whales (depending on the season), or trolling.
Start a nice day with a nice catch, it’s wonderful!

When you arrive, put yourself on the beach of Tahara’a, a short break before going off to snorkel in the coral garden of the motu Martin.
Then, sail to Tiarei to visit the “blower’s hole” and “the 3 cascades”.

2nd day: Faaone

The next day, if morale is good, put on your hiking shoes and take a short hike to the Faaone Vaihi.

Visit the site of the Vaihi and the beautiful view of the west coast of Taravao.

After lunch, leave the sailing canoe for a moment of relaxation where you feel “free”.

Day 3: Taravao

Visit the east coast of Tahiti. A nice and beautiful hike to do. Visit the mini lavatube, the 2 camp sites and the Vaipoiri site.

Let yourself be enchanted by this magnificent landscape. A breathtaking view of the lagoon, with these coral gardens and small parrots.

Day 4: Te Pari

The only hike combining mountains, rivers and ocean…

Located at FENUA AIHERE, the goal is to follow a part of the coast that does not have a road (TEAHUPOO side). This is the only mixed hike, combining mountains, rivers and ocean. The landscapes are Magnificent! Little difference in height: we oscillate between 0 and 60 meters in altitude. Depending on the height of the swell, part of the progression can be done on the plateau. Swimming in fresh and salt water. On the program: small canyons, waterfalls, jumps, platiers, small beaches, refuge in the bay of the FAAROA, the twin rivers, the birthstone, the queen’s basin, etc …! “. Several routes are possible depending on the place of disembarkation (plans A, B, C, D). During the season of the end of the whale season, from September to November, these beauties put on a show, in numbers, to please our eyes!

Text & photo credit : Aito Rando

Day 5: Mataiea

In the morning, take a walk in the garden of Vaipahi, a space arranged for a walk.
You will find trails between pools and waterfall and discover 75 different plant species.

From this park, you have 3 hikes of 1 to 2 hours of walking. You will appreciate an exceptional and sublime point of view since the trays overlooking the cliff, this blue lagoon with the coasts of the island.

After lunch, go see the dolphins and sunset on board before heading back to Punaauia at the marina.

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